SydCap RD Partnerships

We provide downpayments assistance for families or individuals who don’t have $20,000.

The American dream of homeownership has escaped far too many people that are in a position to realize it, but just don’t have $20,000 of disposable funds laying around. In fact, the single most largest factor contributing to the wealth gap in the United States is homeownership. While it’s true that some households are more likely than others to own every type of liquid asset, the primary driver is home ownership. For example, a recent study in Boston showed that the African-American household median net worth was $8 as compared to $247,500 for similar white households.

And while we’re happy to help any family looking the fulfill the American Dream, our focus is on bridging the gap by concentrating in some specific zip codes. We’ve partnered with the oldest Black owned bank in the country and are looking for other private companies and individuals who want to participate.

 There is no financial return associated with this fund and there is no realization of income for anyone or entity associated with this fund, including Sydney Capital, beyond that associated with the Mortgage Loan being written by the Bank in the traditional format of all conventional mortgage loans.


Home Ownership

Residential Down Payment Assistance for those with everything in place but disposable cash on hand. It’s not normal to have that kind of cash anyway.


Workforce Development

Exploring and developing relationships and strategic partnerships with community agencies, groups, companies and schools to create avenues for both short-term and long-range workforce development opportunities.



For a healthy return right out of the gate, support acquisition and promote growth through leading companies in their communities that pay it forward.

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