The Human Multiplication Process at Work is Our Real Asset

At Sydney Capital, the human multiplication process at work is our real asset. Our primary focus lies in real property and real projects, versus the mere perception of risk created by engagement in short-term market volatility. Alongside attractive ROI and RAROC, economics that drive social change while being a catalyst to sustainability and self-sufficiency, is inherent in our strategy. Like any responsible investor or project manager, we identify potential projects, perform corresponding analysis, and exercise specific due diligence.

Sydney Capital also does business as Sydney Group. With a wealth of experience in the construction arena via project, program, and construction management, Sydney Group assists project owners in addressing their need to develop government required minority inclusion plans.

What our Clients Say

"The one thing that makes money and always will: knowledge. Information, insight, resourcefulness, and intuitive application. If results are what you're looking for, Kenny Fikes is your man.”

~ Richard Angell and Associates, Inc., Richard Angell, CEO

"We've worked with Mr. Fikes on several projects and his tenacity to accomplish the given goal, deliver on time, and ability to formulate easily defensible positions, was for us well worth the collaboration."

~ Champion Enterprises, LLC, Danny George, President

"Sydney Group has provided a tremendous asset to Flintco in reaching out to disadvantaged minority firms that were previously uncomfortable bidding. His approach delivered proven results and set the groundwork for future inclusion of minority participation.”

~ Flintco Construction, Bart Boatright, Vice President

"Sydney Group has the energy, knowledge, and diplomacy to help us solve problems in a timely manner."

~ Oklahoma State University, Mike Buchert, Director of Long Range Facility Planning

UbuntuLiving, Inc is our 501(C)3 that was started back in 2008.


Home Ownership

Residential Down Payment Assistance for those with everything in place but disposable cash on hand. It’s not normal to have that kind of cash anyway.


Workforce Development

Exploring and developing relationships and strategic partnerships with community agencies, groups, companies and schools to create avenues for both short-term and long-range workforce development opportunities.



For a healthy return right out of the gate, support acquisition and promote growth through leading companies in their communities that pay it forward.

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